Past Projects


Welcome to my portfolio of past projects. Here at Craft Project Rescue I repair and re-create fiber, fabric, and beaded jewelry objects that have been much loved and need some TLC to be rescued from storage and put back into use to create more memories.

If you have a beloved object that needs fixing, please check out the How it Works page to learn more about the service I provide, then Contact Me and we can see if my services are right for your project.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on:

Well-loved Cabled Cardigan Sweater

A client reached out to me about repairing a treasured cardigan sweater that had been badly damaged by moths and years of use.

It had been put away for years to protect it from further damage, but the client wanted it to be wearable once more.

We discussed the type of repair the client was looking for and agreed that I would look for a yarn that was a natural color but didn’t need to be an exact match to the existing sweater.

Cabled cardigan sweater sleeve showing extensive damage
A sleeve of the sweater showing examples of the damage.

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Custom-matched Bead Earrings

I designed and crafted two pairs of custom earrings for a client as a gift.

The client sent me an example photo and requested something similar, in the color green, and specifically made out of inexpensive materials so the person the earrings were a gift for could thoroughly enjoy wearing them and not worry if one got lost.

photo of earring to use as inspriation
Photo from the client of an earring to use as inspiration in the design
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Afghan Repair

A client commissioned me to repair a family afghan that had been crocheted by a friend of hers who had passed away. The most difficult part of this repair was finding yarn of a similar color, weight, and fiber content to do the repair.

Holes in afghan
This photo shows the two holes, one small and one large that needed repair.
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