Welcome to Craft Project Rescue

Have a project that needs work? Have a beloved object that needs repairs?

I’ll finish or fix it for you! I have been doing craft projects for over 30 years.

My specialties are sewing, knitting, and bead-work. I have also done papier-mâché, mask making, and hat trimming. I have an eclectic collection of skills so please contact me if you have a project and I will let you know if I feel confident finishing it.

I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind pieces and have a small portfolio of my work on the site for reference.

I started this business after having several friends ask if I would finish or repair projects that they were having a hard time getting to.

My goal is to take on projects that are languishing unfinished or unrepaired and, for a fee, bring them to completion so they can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

I can help

Do you have sweater you started years ago that just needs the arms and neck finished, ends sewn in, and blocking done before it can be worn?

Do you have a favorite piece of beaded jewelry that you keep meaning to repair but never get around to?

How about a pile of tea towels your grandmother made that need the ends hemmed before they can be used?

If you have a craft project you don’t want to part with but don’t have either the time or skill yourself to finish or repair you can pay me to do it for you. It will give me great satisfaction to do so- I am passionate about completing unfinished projects and repairing beloved objects.

Contact Me

Send me an email with a description of your project and I will work with to set up a finishing project. My email and a list of reminders of what information to include are on the Contact page.