Custom-matched Bead Earrings

I designed and crafted two pairs of custom earrings for a client as a gift.

The client sent me an example photo and requested something similar, in the color green, and specifically made out of inexpensive materials so the person the earrings were a gift for could thoroughly enjoy wearing them and not worry if one got lost.

photo of earring to use as inspriation
Photo from the client of an earring to use as inspiration in the design

This sentiment resonated strongly with me, as I’m all about items being used and enjoyed as much as possible, so I was thrilled to take this on.

I ended up designing two pairs and the client liked and purchased both of the final designs.

It was a fun project and I was very pleased to have helped create such a thoughtful gift.

photo showing two different earring designs
After digging through my stock of beads, I came up with two options using the inspiration and colors suggested by the client.
Two sets of gold and green earrings displayed on cards
The client liked both options and offered to buy two pairs. I did not have enough of the same filigree pieces for two sets, so changed the design on the 2nd pair and this is the final result.